Wisteria By Michael John Hunt


“Wisteria” by Michael John Hunt depicts a picturesque Georgian house nestled on an incline. A large stone step ascends to a dark blue front door; it’s a portal to a world beyond, shrouded in a mystery that is both captivating and intriguing. The door’s deep, blue facade juxtaposes against the shining brass letterbox, imbuing the piece with a sense of tranquil harmony.

This historic dwelling rests on a quaintly irregular natural stone pavement, its chaotic charm only adding to the house’s striking character. The stones, bathed in sunlight, mirror the warm hues of the house’s mellow walls with a comforting glow.

The front of the house is festooned with a magnificent wisteria. Its entangled vines are dense with luscious leaves and carefully pruned, respecting the traditional Georgian windows they frame. A testament to careful tending, the wisteria dances elegantly against the sun-lit stone backdrop, the play of shadows lending depth and vitality to the composition.

In this painting, Michael John Hunt masterfully employs light and shade, his delicate touch capturing the sun’s golden kiss on the mellow stones. The overall palette is a beautiful blend of earthy hues, and the use of perspective emphasises the house’s grandeur.

“Wisteria” encapsulates the inherent beauty of the everyday, marrying man-made architecture with the allure of nature. It is a celebration of the quiet charm of Georgian homes, their silent stories and their enduring allure.

Michael John Hunt
16″ x 12″