The Plough


Michael John Hunt
Acrylic on Canvas

Michael John Hunt’s painting captures an idyllic rural scene set within the Wealden Downland Open Air Museum in West Sussex. The foreground of the painting features an old, abandoned plough, resting in the long grass at the field’s edge. Despite its neglect, the plough is rendered in exquisite detail, evoking a sense of nostalgia and the potential for revival. Adjacent to the plough, a circular feeding rack stands, hinting at the presence of livestock in the past.

As the viewer’s gaze moves beyond the plough, they encounter a wooden gate, standing open and inviting exploration of this corner of the field. Climbing up an incline covered in brambles and nettles, the eye is drawn to the central focus of the painting—a timbered house from the 16th century. Nestled within a serene woodland setting, the house exudes a timeless charm and evokes a sense of history and heritage.

In Michael John Hunt’s painting, the juxtaposition of the abandoned plough, the inviting gate, and the centuries-old house amidst nature’s embrace creates a narrative that transcends time. It invites viewers to reflect on the passage of years and the enduring beauty of rural landscapes.

20″ x 20″