The Parterre Acrylic on Panel By Michael John Hunt


In Michael John Hunt’s painting we are experiencing a fragment of the past – an 18th century house. The whole scene is an arresting blend of solitude and radiance. It gives us the rare experience of stepping into the passage of time, rich with the aroma of the past and the glow of the present. The very soul of the piece resides in the open doorway, inviting us into a world that is both familiar and mysterious.

The door, an emblem of antiquity, carries an extraordinary level of detail. Rich in craftsmanship, its distinctive door furniture – knobs, locks, and an antiquated door knocker – adds to the rustic elegance. The door is open, revealing a sunlit parterre beyond, a formal garden that’s a living tapestry of geometrical precision, sunlight and shadows playfully interspersed.

The flagstones, that sit beyond the doorway, subtly transition the viewer from the intimacy of the house to the grandeur of the exterior. They echo the craftsmanship and care that has been painstakingly preserved throughout centuries.

The wooden barn, standing in the distance, silently narrates its own tale of time and history. Its architecture, with a small personal door set in the large, boarded wooden structure, presents a visual counterpoint to the domestic tranquility of the house. The barn’s roof peeks through fanlight above the door, completing a picturesque scene where man-made structures peacefully coexist with nature.

Inside, the house is a harmony of shadow and light. Though most of the interior languishes in the shadows, the sun lends a warm, inviting glow to the scene. This contrast serves to highlight small yet significant details. A few sunlit coats hang nonchalantly, whispering stories of people who might have just left or are about to return. The play of light and shadow on the wooden floor and the wrinkled, striped rug at the base of the open door brings an unusual charm. The rug’s crumpled end speaks to the imperfect nature of daily life, suggesting a sense of lived-in comfort.

The painting is an exquisite blend of warm and cool tones, with an emphasis on texture, space, and an intense realism. Hunt’s careful rendering of light and shadow infuses the scene with an emotional depth that draws viewers in. The thoughtful attention to minute details – the door furniture, the folds in the coats, the crease in the rug – showcases Hunt’s profound understanding of not just the physical aspects, but also the emotional significance of these seemingly mundane objects.

The viewer is placed in the threshold, caught between the inviting light of the outside world and the comforting shadows of the home. This painting captures a moment frozen in time, a poetic dance between the sunlight and the shadows. It is a celebration of the quiet, subtle beauty found in the ordinary, a testament to the power of art to elevate and immortalize everyday moments into something truly extraordinary.

Michael John Hunt
Acrylic on Panel
16″ x 12″