“The Candle Snuffers” photo-realistic painting by Michael Hunt


“The Candle Snuffers” is a photo-realistic painting by artist Michael John Hunt, capturing a dimly lit room featuring a desk with the window just in eye level with books and a drink on the table half way through being enjoyed, the scene also features antique candles and impressive lead detailing on the window in intricate detail. The composition is arranged to create a dynamic balance between the elements, with the snuffers arranged in a wooden box and lit by a warm, soft light. The painting has a rich palette of warm and earthy tones that are complemented by the subtle gradations of light and shadow, making the objects appear three-dimensional and lifelike. Michael John Hunt’s mastery of photorealistic painting techniques brings out the beauty of the mundane, and “The Candle Snuffers” is a prime example of his talent. We offer high-quality framing which make this artwork an excellent addition to any home or art collection.

Michael John Hunt

Dimensions 24″ x 30″
Acrylic on canvas