Taking flight



Michael John Hunt

Acrylic on panel

12″ x 16

In Michael John Hunt’s atmospheric landscape, the eyes are drawn to a pheasant majestically launching into flight. Its vibrant colours contrast with the subdued, yet intricate, colour palette of the flat landscape. The grassy foreground gradually transitions to a soft, sandy hue, home to two stately, bare trees that possess a stark beauty. Their skeletal branches reach out into the wintry, intertwining with the pastel hues of dawn or dusk, lending an ethereal quality to the scene. Far beyond, a solitary house perches on the edge where the ground begins to rise again. Its isolation amplifies the natural grandeur surrounding it. The painting evokes a sense of serene solitude, infusing the viewer with both tranquillity and a poignant sense of the passage of time. It’s a testament to Michael’s knack for capturing the raw, unadorned beauty of the English countryside.