Sunlight and memories



Michael John Hunt

Acrylic on canvas

25″ x 20″

Michael John Hunt’s painting, “Sunlight and memories” is a visual journey through the tranquillity of an indoor setting, where time seems to pause and reflect. The painting features a model ship on a windowsill, which is a testament to the artist’s meticulous attention to detail and masterful play with light. The ship, ‘The Rattlesnake’, is enclosed in a glass case on the sill, embodying the spirit of adventure and the grace of craftsmanship, as it silently navigates the calm waters of memory.

Outside, trees dapple the sunlight, creating a serene backdrop of nature. Beneath the window is a low table, carrying a large blue and white bowl, and an old, slightly worn book – an album of past days, corners curving upward as if inviting the viewer to delve into its stories.

Dominating the centre of this intimate composition, a simple vase with bright, orange roses are suffused with the sunlight that pierce the window. The light carves out shadows on the table, highlighting the radiant hue of the flowers. The ethereal illumination brings to life every object, personifying them as silent spectators of time, narrators of untold stories, and holders of cherished memories. The entire scene is an idyllic interplay between light, memory, and the quiet beauty of everyday moments.