Shaker style By Michael John hunt


In Michael John Hunt’s painting, the viewer is transported to a serene corner of a Shaker style room, where a sense of tranquillity permeates the scene. The focal point of the composition lies near the window, offering a glimpse of nature’s beauty beyond. The view hints at a gentle landscape, with hints of trees in the distance rising over a lush expanse of grass.

At the centre of the painting, a drop-leaf table commands attention. The table’s flap is depicted in the upright position, suggesting that it is ready to serve its purpose. Its simple yet elegant design resonates with the principles of Shaker craftsmanship, evoking a sense of functionality and minimalism. It seems as if someone has just left the room, with the chair positioned slightly pushed back, as if waiting for their imminent return.

Earth colours dominate the scene, reflecting the natural aesthetic of the Shaker style. Warm hues of browns, ochres, and muted greens create a harmonious palette that invites the viewer to explore the subtleties of the composition. The interplay of light and shadow is masterfully depicted, as the soft glow of sunlight floods in from the window, casting a warm radiance upon the room.

The artist’s attention to detail shines through as the play of light reveals the textures and contours of the objects in the room. The woodgrain of the table is subtly highlighted, inviting the viewer to appreciate the craftsmanship and natural beauty of the material. The chair, with its distinctive Shaker style, stands as a testament to simplicity and utility, while also beckoning the viewer to take a seat and contemplate the stillness of the space.

Through his skillful use of light, colour, and composition, Michael John Hunt captures the essence of a quiet corner. The painting emanates a sense of calm and invites the viewer to step into this serene sanctuary, where nature and human design coexist in perfect harmony.


Michael John hunt
8″ x 6″