‘San Giorgio Maggiore’ by Michael John Hunt Acrylic on Canvas


‘San Giorgio Maggiore’ by Michael John Hunt Acrylic on Canvas

The quiet solitude of church interiors always has an appeal for Michael John Hunt.  The ambience he portrays in this realistic painting of the interior of the church on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore prompts the viewer to feel the cool and calm of this wonderful Venetian church.  It was designed by Andrea Palladio and building began in 1566.  

The interior of the church is bright with huge columns and pilasters on white walls.  The view captured by Michael John Hunt shows two distinct styles of a tiled marble floor.  In the foreground the tiles are laid in a decorative style.

Further into the church the two-tone marble floor tiles are laid in the traditional chessboard style.  As the viewer’s gaze turns to the left of the painting, wooden traditional church pews allow the visitor to sit and contemplate the beauty that surrounds them and appreciate the atmosphere of this wonderful, historic building.  In an alcove high above them, there is a marble statue,

Michael’s work is renowned for his portrayal of materials – be it wood or marble, cloth or glass, the viewer can ‘feel’ each texture and the light that shines on the marble floor in this church allows the sunshine in to cast a streak of warm light in this otherwise cool scene. 

Michael John Hunt
Acrylic on canvas
24″ x 22″