Pews By Michael John Hunt


Michael John Hunt’s painting captures the essence of an early chapel, focusing on an austere corner that resonates with a profound sense of simplicity and tranquillity. The artist’s skilful brushstrokes bring to life the muted tones and stark textures of this sacred space, inviting viewers to explore its quiet beauty.

At the centre of the composition stands a window, embedded in a deep wall, serving as the sole source of illumination in this secluded corner. Its glass is rendered with meticulous detail, conveying a sense of clarity and transparency. Through this window, a soft, ethereal light pours into the room, casting gentle shadows that dance upon the surfaces.

The walls that surround the window are painted in shades of grey, imparting a subdued and contemplative atmosphere. Their smooth texture hints at the history and solidity of the chapel, while their simplicity reflects the puritanical aesthetics of the era. The absence of ornamentation allows the viewer to focus solely on the play of light and shadow, heightening the spiritual ambiance of the space.

Flanking the window, two metal candle sconces emerge from the wall. Their utilitarian design exudes a humble beauty, reflecting the simplicity and practicality of the chapel. The candles, unlit yet ready to illuminate the sacred space, symbolize the spiritual presence and devotion of the worshippers.

In the corner, the pews reside, enveloped in shadow. The light from the window delicately touches the tops of the pew backs, illuminating them with a soft glow. These subtle highlights add depth and dimension to the painting, suggesting that even in the shadows, there is a hint of divine radiance.

Michel John Hunt’s attention to detail and his mastery of light and composition create a contemplative atmosphere that draws viewers into the painting. The simplicity and austerity of the chapel are palpable, evoking a sense of reverence and introspection.

Standing before the painting, one can almost feel the hushed silence and sacred stillness of the space. It becomes a sanctuary for contemplation, a place where the noise of the world fades away, allowing for a deeper connection with the divine. Through this artwork, Michael John Hunt captures the timeless beauty and spiritual essence of a chapel, inviting viewers to find solace and serenity within its austere walls.

Michael John Hunt
8″ x 11″