Outlook By Michael John Hunt


In the painting titled “Outlook” by Michael John Hunt, a captivating atmosphere of tranquillity and contemplation permeates an empty room. The composition centres around a studded, plank door positioned in the very heart of the painting, leading the viewer to another realm of emptiness and mystery.

The plank door, weathered and adorned with rustic metal studs, stands open, as if beckoning the viewer to enter and discover what lies beyond. Its presence dominates the scene, commanding attention with its solid, earthy texture. The door’s worn appearance hints at a history of journeys, secrets, and untold tales.

Beyond the open door, another room awaits, drenched in warm sunlight that filters through a gothic window. The window, positioned on the facing wall opposite the entrance, mirrors the arch of the open door, establishing a visual symmetry and connection between the two spaces. The gothic window is a striking architectural element that evokes a sense of age and grandeur.

The sunlight that bathes the second room casts a radiant glow, accentuating the textures and colours within. The golden beams illuminate the plank floor of the main room, creating a dance of light and shadows. The ochre-coloured walls, gently kissed by sunlight, exude warmth and tranquillity, enveloping the space in a serene ambiance.

The absence of human presence intensifies the solitude and invites the viewer to contemplate the stillness within these walls. The vacant rooms become a sanctuary for introspection, where one can find solace and peace away from the chaos of the outside world. The artist’s deliberate choice to depict an empty space allows viewers to project their own thoughts, emotions, and experiences onto the canvas, fostering a personal connection with the artwork.

“Outlook” by Michael John Hunt captures a moment of stillness and invites viewers to pause and reflect. Through the open door, the repetition of the gothic window, and the interplay of light, the painting explores themes of exploration, mystery, and the transformative power of empty spaces. It serves as a visual invitation to embrace solitude, uncover hidden depths, and find solace in the simplest of surroundings.


Michael John Hunt

8″ x 6″