‘It came to light’ by Michael John Hunt Acrylic on Canvas


‘It came to light’ by Michael John Hunt Acrylic on Canvas

‘It came to light’ depicts a peaceful scene in front of a traditional leaded light window.  Outside the view is of a grassy area leading to a path through a wooded area and then to an open space beyond.

On the window sill on there is a carved ornamental duck – rather like a decoy duck.

Just in front of the window sill, which is framed on either side by curved walls that are illuminated by sunshine of both sides, there is an oak table, upon which are many varied objects.  In the front there is a wooden stationery box with a slope upon which there is an open book.  Part of the open pages of the book are also illuminated by sunshine, inviting the viewer to imagine the book’s contents.    

Behind the writing slope is a miniature set of mahogany drawers.  The top drawer is slightly open inviting the viewer to guess its contents.  On top of the miniature drawers a glass bowl with a silver lid sits in soft sunshine.

To the right of the painting there is an informally arranged blue and white vase of flowers.  Pink peonies, purple ……. and white cow parsley create a colourful addition to the scene and their shadows dance on the sunlit table top.

At the front of the table is an old fashioned glass of red wine – ready for the viewer to consume.

Michael John Hunt
Acrylic on canvas
22″ x 16″