Gothic quad


Michael John Hunt
Acrylic on panel
16″ x 12″

£5,500In Michael John Hunt’s evocative painting, the viewer stands on the historic mosaic floor of Lacock Abbey. The tiles weave a rich narrative of time, ageless in their beauty. Softly gleaming under warm shafts of sunlight, they speak of centuries gone by, echoing whispers of ancient rituals and daily lives of nuns, nobles, and scholars. The careful detailing of the floor pays homage to the intricate handiwork of artisans of the past.

The viewer’s gaze is drawn towards the stone arches, stretching upwards to support the breathtakingly vaulted ceiling. They stand majestic and serene, carving space for divine light to filter in. This play of shadows and light through the arches casts an ethereal glow, immersing the viewer in a calm, contemplative mood.

Peering beyond these arches, one feels the depth of the Abbey’s history, each era etching its own mark into the structure. The walls carry the palpable legacy of its transformation from a 13th-century nunnery to a Tudor family home, interspersed with glimpses of its role in pioneering photography.

Today, Lacock Abbey also serves as an enchanted backdrop for popular film and TV productions like Harry Potter and Downton Abbey, adding yet another layer to its multifaceted existence. Michael John Hunt’s painting transcends time, making us both spectators and participants in Lacock Abbey’s enduring story, immersing us in its rich tapestry of history, human endeavours, and cultural evolution.