‘From Florian’s’ by Michael John Hunt Acrylic on Panel


‘From Florian’s’ by Michael John Hunt Acrylic on Panel

When we visit Venice Michael and I always ensure that we go to Caffe Florian, Piazza San Marco, the oldest Italian coffee house.  It opened in St. Mark’s Square on 29 December, 1720.  

The café scene in St Mark’s Square, Venice, is the perfect people watching spot.  The café extends itself into the square, where the chairs and tables are constantly busy with customers both from Venice and the rest of the world. Here they are entertained by the live orchestra.  The sketch for Michael’s painting was taken from under the shaded terrace that surrounds the Square and outside the ornate interiors of the café itself – and where it is slightly cooler. 

Across the Piazza, you can see in the distance St. Mark’s Basilica and the Museo di San Marco.

Michael’s paintings are often compared with the works of Vermeer and the Dutch 16th century school of paintings and with the evocative interiors and landscapes of Danish artist Vilhelm Hammerschoi.  I think Canaletto should also be included in this Italian vision!

Michael John Hunt
Acrylic on Panel
16″ x 12″