The Hunt Gallery

How the Collection came about

The Hunt Gallery is a family business established in 1972 in the medieval Cinque Port of Sandwich, Kent, England. During the 1990s the gallery began to exhibit paintings of interior scenes at fine art fairs in both England and the United States of America. As a result of one of these exhibitions, Michael received an invitation to visit Winterthur. As he walked through the period rooms at the museum, he immediately felt a great empathy for the ethos of its founder, Henry Francis du Pont. He also felt the challenge to capture the spirit of the settings in his own medium. But a problem arose ~ what choices could be made? There was so much that was visually and aesthetically irresistible that nothing could be overlooked. So he resolved to paint each and every room, for how could he choose which ones to paint and which ones to leave out! Henry Francis du Pont had assembled the richest collection of American decorative arts and hand-crafted furniture between 1640-1860 in such a sensitive and considered manner that Michael wanted to do it justice. The project began in 1996 and is still in progress. None of the original paintings have been sold in order to maintain the integrity of the collection. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and privilege to be able to accomplish such a task, and it is important to Michael that the original paintings remain together as an entity. Michael is also greatly appreciative of the Winterthur staff for their courteous and patient assistance.

With the advances in fine art print technology, The Hunt Gallery has decided to publish the paintings in limited editions of fine art prints which are illustrated on this website.

As an authorized licensee of Winterthur, we are delighted that proceeds from sales of all licensed products, including our prints, go to support the educational program of a great American country estate.

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